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Knitting Outside of the Box

We knit for the unique and the interesting.

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This is a community for knitting outside of the box. If you knit for different sizes, concepts, styles, or anything unique, this is for you. If you have a hard time finding the support you need to knit that bizzare item, this is the place. If that e-mail list has gotten too hostile and you just want help knitting a bigger sock, then this is for you. While I may not be much af a knitting guru just yet, hopefully we can all band together to find or create the answers that you need. The co-founder of this community has an interest in knitting lingerie. Any knit item goes. Similar crafts dealing in yarn or string may be mentioned (we'll see how this goes).

The rules:

1. Play nice. A certain level of snark is ok, but no meanness toward other posters will be tolerated. If I have to warn you a third time, you're banned. We all want to have a fun time here.

2. Stick to our topics. Post your FO, ask for help and even venture into crochet for a moment, but news about the latest viris or that last cute picture that you got in your e-mail should be posted in your own LJ. Keep your own personal dramas in your own LJ too.

3. No selling or advertising. We will tolerate links to cool sites, raving about your favorite knitting store and helping people find what they're looking for, but there are other communities for selling your goods. Any attempts at selling or 'just mentioning' your E-Bay sale will get your post deleted.

4. If you are going to post pictures of things like willy-warmers or lingerie on a model, please use an LJ cut. ( http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75 ) You should also label the cut as Not Work Safe. If you are going to post more than one picture or make a long post, it would be a courtesy to use LJ cuts for those of us still on dial-up connections.